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Interior Design, Bedroom, Kew.

The Location:

This adorable townhouse is located in Kew.

The Brief:

My client wanted to update her teenage daughter’s bedroom, as she had outgrown the pink princess vibes! While getting to know my client and daughter, I learned that Tiana has trouble sleeping. With this in mind, I focused on creating a cosy space that would assist with sleeping. 

The Process:

The walls were painted a dark “Highland Green” which interestingly, appear to be Green during the day but Teal at night! The lamps in this room were a really important addition as they create a cosy mood and uplift the dark walls. The bed was specifically chosen to make Tiana feel snug from top to toe! I continued the jewel tones throughout the bed styling to complete the cosy look.

We kept her chest of drawers but gave it a facelift! I simply changed the hardware and re-stained it to bring it back to life!

The Client’s Feedback:

“Tracey has an amazing eye! She knew exactly what I had in mind after our first consultation. I would highly recommend her.”

I have heard that Tiana is sleeping much better with her cosy, new bedroom!

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