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Interior Design, Villa, Craigeburn.

The Location:

A compact, 3 bedroom villa in Craigeburn where a family of 4 will live. 

The Brief:

This was a very special project for two very special people and their growing family. My clients had spent the past couple of years building their new home and were exhausted by the idea of decorating it. The expecting parents worked full time and took care of their two-year-old boy. Time was a luxury they did not have as their twins were due 4 weeks after they moved in. 

The Process:

After an expedited design process, I was able to propose my concept within 2 weeks and deliver within the 4 week period. My clients handed over their house keys so that I could get to work and surprise them with the fully designed interior. The entire installation took only two days! The look on their faces upon reveal was absolutely beautiful!

The Client’s Feedback:

“I contacted Tracey to style my new home build and she did not disappoint, it was the best decision my husband and I made!!! I cant recommend her enough! My home looked incredible and everything was on time and to the highest quality. I left her with my house and she gave me a home!”