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Are you feeling overwhelmed with your home reno? Maybe you’re not sure where to begin or you can’t pinpoint your Design Style? Don’t make expensive design mistakes, let’s figure it out together on a 30min Zoom call.

I know why you're here...

As you look around your home, you can sense that something’s not quite right. But what is it? Maybe the furniture doesn’t match, the colours are all wrong, the spaces don’t flow or you’re clueless about how to pull your style together. 

You are here because you want a beautiful home and so you should! But right now, it’s missing the mark and it’s not truly representing you.

Your home is your biography and tells the story of who you are. I am here to help you write your next chapter.

How high to hang artwork over your bed

What to expect from our 30min Zoom call


Find the problem areas of your home


Figure out what we need to change


Come up with a realistic budget


Professional advice on where to start


Plan the journey to your dream home

What can we discuss during our session?

  • Your personal design style
  • Discover the problem areas 
  • Wall, floor and window treatments
  • Analyse your spatial planning
  • Discuss what should stay or go
  • Advice to bring your home to life
  • My Services – how can I help YOU! 

Whatever you’re stuck on, I’m all ears!

See what my clients have to say...

A bit about me...

Well…I’m Irish, which means I love to chat over a nice warm cup of tea. I like to dig deep into what makes you tick and I go to the ends of the earth to make your vision a reality. I am passionate about helping people tell their stories through design.

My love for interior Design started as soon as I could say the words. I received a first-class honours degree in Interior Design and have 8 years of industry experience.  

I believe that a great designer listens and adapts to their client’s needs. My job is to make a connection between what you like and what really works.

For me, communication is key, which is why I put so much effort into getting to know you first. Together, we’ll transform your home into one you are proud of, and one that tells your story the way you want it told.

How to chop feather cushions

Why Work with me?

Save you time

Designing your home is very time consuming. Allow me to work out what goes together, what fits in your home and source everything for you through my reliable suppliers.

Save you money

I know where to shop to get the best prices and quality. I have access to trade discounts which means you get cheaper furniture through me! Also, there is no room for error when working with me.

Save you a headache

Project co-ordination is painful. Who wants to take call after call about furniture delays and quality issues? I'll bring your dream vision to life and keep you sheltered from the storm

The best time to start is NOW!

Interior design ideas for small homes

We go through different chapters in our lives and our homes reflect this. First home buyers look for affordable furnishing solutions. New babies cry out for adorable nurseries. Empty nesters seek luxury, now that the sticky fingers have left the building! And newly retired couples try to curate their belongings into a smaller space. 

What chapter in life are you on? I am all ears. Let’s get this show on the road!

It's time to stop dreaming and start planning!

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