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Tracey Bright, Interior Designer

Helping you tell your home's story

Do you feel like your home is a hodgepodge of pieces that don’t quite fit together? Maybe you’ve acquired things over the years that don’t go with each other, or you’ve inherited sentimental items that you don’t want to get rid of. My trained eye can identify these problem areas and help you create a cohesive look by mixing old and new pieces. Let’s work together to create a home that feels like it’s all part of the same story.

About me…

I have a deep love for interior design and helping everyday people create timeless spaces in their homes. My passion for this field began when I was growing up in Ireland, where the long, cold winters meant we spent a lot of time indoors. I would constantly rearrange the furniture and decor to keep myself entertained. This passion led me to earn a first-class honours degree in Interior Design, and over the past ten years, I have gained a wealth of experience working with a variety of clients, budgets, tastes, and personalities. I’m excited to bring my skills and expertise to your project.

"I won't settle for anything less than perfect.
I believe that brilliant design takes time, dedication, and obsession.
All of me goes into my work".

My personal style…

I believe that a good designer should be attuned to their client’s needs and preferences. The design should be guided by the client’s tastes and the characteristics of the physical space. My job is to help you create a home that reflects your style and fits your needs, not to impose my own aesthetic on you.

Personally, I enjoy mixing classic and modern elements, with a touch of glam. I believe that a well-designed space should have a balance of symmetry and coordination, with plenty of negative space to allow the eye to rest. I tend to start with a neutral base and incorporate colour and pattern through the styling. I often use black as a grounding element, and you’ll see hints of gold and greenery in my work.

"To create a successful space, it's important to find a balance between symmetry and coordination, while also leaving room for negative space. Less is more".

Designer and builder

My working style…

Every client and project is different, which is why I spend time getting to know you. I’ll want to learn all about your lifestyle, hear about your visions and help you figure out your personal style. 

I provide honest opinions and gently coach you out of your comfort zone so that we can create the most spectacular results possible. 

My clients have praised me for my efficiency, punctuality, can-do attitude, organisational and communication skills. They feel confident in my design abilities and are comfortable communicating openly with me. 

Together, we’ll figure out what your dream home looks like and make an action plan to get there within your budget.

"The thing is, you don’t have to stick to one style. There are no rules with design, just opinions. I like a room to tell a story, one that needs to be unravelled."

A bit about you…

As someone who values good design, you know how much effort goes into creating a beautiful home. However, with a full-time job (or two if you have kids) and limited time, it can be difficult to execute the vision you have in your head.

You may be tired of endless furniture shopping trips that don’t seem to lead anywhere, or you may have made some expensive design mistakes in the past. Maybe this is house number two (or more) and you know firsthand how stressful interior design can be. 

With so many ideas swirling around and an eclectic Pinterest board, you might not even be sure what your true interior design style is. It’s time to get some help in bringing your dream home to life.

Interior designer with client
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