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Tracey Bright, Interior Designer

Helping you tell your home's story

Do you look around your home and feel like something isn’t quite right? Things are not quite sitting well together because you purchased them during different chapters in your life. Perhaps you inherited sentimental pieces from your loved ones but you don’t want to throw them away. 

My trained eye, will be able to point out the problem areas in your home. I’ll work around what you already have, mixing your old with some new. 

About me…

I am passionate about creating timeless interiors for everyday people.

Growing up in Ireland is where my passion for Interior Design began. Our winters were very cold, so we spent most of our time indoors. I was always moving our furniture around and rearranging the decor to entertain myself.

This passion grew into a first-class honours degree in Interior Design. Over the past decade, I have gained valuable industry experience and worked with many different clients, budgets, tastes and personalities.

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"I won't settle for anything less than perfect.
I believe that brilliant design takes time, dedication, and obsession.
All of me goes into my work".

Styling a dining table

My personal style…

I believe that a great designer listens and adapts to their client’s needs. They allow their client and the physical dwelling, to dictate the design. I don’t enforce a certain look or style upon you. My job is to make a connection between what you like and what works.

I like to mix classic with modern and a touch of glam. To me, a successful space will combine symmetry with coordination and allow plenty of breathing space because less is more.

Generally, I’ll stick to a neutral canvas, bringing colours and patterns through the styling. I love working with black where possible and you’ll always find a touch of gold and greenery in my work!

"A successful space combines symmetry with coordination and allows for breathing space. Less is more".

My working style…

Every client and project is different, which is why I spend time getting to know you. I’ll want to learn all about your lifestyle, hear about your visions and help you figure out your personal style. 

I provide honest opinions and gently coach you out of your comfort zone so that we can create the most spectacular results possible. 

My clients have praised me for my efficiency, punctuality, can-do attitude, organisational and communication skills. They feel confident in my design abilities and are comfortable communicating openly with me. 

Together, we’ll figure out what your dream home looks like and make an action plan to get there within your budget.

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"The thing is, you don’t have to stick to one style. There are no rules with design, just opinions. I like a room to tell a story, one that needs to be unravelled."

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A bit about you…

You are someone who appreciates good design and the hard work involved to get there. You are time poor because you have a full-time job (two jobs if you have kids) and you don’t have the time to execute the beautiful home you have created in your head. You are tired of furniture shopping every weekend and not making any decisions or worse, maybe you have made some mistakes? 

With heaps of ideas running around your head and an eclectic looking Pinterest board, you feel like you don’t know your true style. You watch all of the Interior Design shows on TV  and follow heaps of amazing Interior Designers on Instagram (including me I hope!). 

You’re a bit nervous to hire a professional because you think its an expensive luxury. Maybe you’re afraid that the designer will take over, blow your budget and design a display home that doesn’t reflect you or your family. 

My Fur baby gets a shout out because you'll likely meet him if we work together.
Meet Bronson...

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Wolfhound X Bull Arab