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Interior Consulting

Don't need a full Interior Design service, just a helping hand?

How do you pair things together without them looking “match-matchy”? It’s hard, right? Don’t fall down the trap of purchasing a full suite of furniture just because it’s convenient! Tieing a space together is a skill. One that I spent 4 years studying for and many years of practice! 

If you are struggling with pulling a space together and just need some quick advice, this is the service for you! 

Interior Consulting Service

Not everyone needs a full design service. Sometimes you just need help with the final details to pull the look together.

With my consulting service, you can ask me any questions about your upcoming project.

  • What wall colour should I choose?
  • What style suits my home?
  • How do I spatially plan this room?
  • Why doesn’t my room feel cohesive?

As a creative, I form my best ideas when I brainstorm with other people. Are you like this too? Do you need someone to bounce your ideas off and get your creative juices flowing?

Coffee table styling with wooden beads

Vivid White, Casper White, Lexicon White, Natural White, Whisper White, Antique White, White on White…Which White?! You’ve looked at that many Whites, it’s lost all meaning! A consultation with me will save your sanity.

E-Design Melbourne

What can you help with during my consultation?

  • Hear honest feedback about the sore spots in your home
  • discuss paint colours & wallpaper suggestions
  • Window treatments
  • Floor treatments
  • Figure out your personal style
  • Figure out what style suits your home
  • Brighten up your home with lighting
  • Nail your spatial planning
  • Solve storage issues
  • Get design tips and tricks
  • What accessories will bring your home to life

Anything you want to run past me, I’m all ears! 

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2. Set up a call

We'll set up a 1-hour zoom/in-home consultation at a suitable time.

3. Send info

E-mail pictures of the spaces, furniture, floorplan etc so that I can do some prep work before our consultation. Get the most out of your power hour with me!

4. Get expert advice

I'll present my findings to you within the hour along with other questions you might have. You'll receive detailed analysis via email afer our consultaion.

Discovery Call

No obligations.
$ Free 15mins
  • This is a quick call to get to know each other first.
  • Tell me about your home goals!
  • Let's see if we are the right fit.
Step 1

Interior Consulting

Ask me anything in a power hour!
$ 240 Per Zoom Consultation
  • Or $330 for a Melbourne Metro In-home consultation
  • Beforehand: Send photo's, floor plans & clear brief
  • Get expert advice on the areas you are struggling with
  • Calls/Visits are 1 hour long
  • Get detailed analysis sent to you
Step 2

Bright Side Interiors is an interior design and styling business based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I am here to help you design your dream home without the headache. I encourage collaboration and personal involvement in the entire design process, to create a home truly bespoke and tailored to you. Your home is your biography and each room is a chapter. Let’s design your next chapter together.

Bright Side Interiors

232 Canterbury Rd,

Forest Hill, VIC 3131

P: 0404 673 355

E: [email protected]

ABN: 61 808 219 465

Interior Design Strategy Session to kickstart your project.

You’ve got lots of ideas, but you don’t know how to execute them. With no time to spare for this mammoth of a project, you feel overwhelmed.   

With my expertise, I can help you establish a clear roadmap towards your dream home in a 30mins, obligation-free Zoom call. Don’t waste more time!