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Entrance, Living & Dining Renovation, Balwyn.

The Location:

Interior Design in Balwyn, Melbourne. 


The Brief:

In December of 2022, my client approached me for some guidance on how to renovate their newly purchased family home in Balwyn. With two young children, the main focus was to have a beautiful, yet practical environment for the family to enjoy. 

My client’s design direction was very much left in my hands with some simple points to follow; neutral, modern contemporary design, with hints of black and brass. Leather was a must for the sofa, along with a sintered stone top for the dining table for durability. The TV orientation was also chosen by the client, as they didn’t want the TV placed high above the fireplace. 


The Process:

Our initial approach was to prioritise the larger and more extensive areas for renovation before introducing furniture. This involved addressing the floors, paintwork, window frames, window treatments, fireplace, and front door. In the first “before” photo above, you can see that the first three areas of the house had three different floor treatments, creating a sense of division. By installing a single type of flooring throughout the entire home, we aimed to create a sense of unity, while giving the space a more grand appearance. The wider floorboards contribute to a less cluttered and more luxurious ambience.

To manage costs during a period of high material prices, we made some adjustments. Instead of replacing the window frames, we opted for a fresh coat of white paint, allowing the double-track window treatments to soften the overall look. The outdated Mission Brown front door was painted Black, instantly modernising the home. Rather than updating the fire surround with marble as originally desired, we chose a cost-effective approach of painting it white.

The first furniture piece to select was the leather sofa in the living room, which had a specific requirement. We wanted a leather colour that felt more subdued than the traditional heavy black, brown, or tan. The taupe colour beautifully complemented the olive green armchairs with black metal arms. A layered coffee table-ottoman setup was chosen to provide both comfort and practicality for the family. A large rug anchors the living room area, creating an illusion of more space. While the styling approach remained simple so that things could easily be moved while the children are playing. 

Early on, we decided that the dining table would be made of sintered stone instead of marble, as marble tends to be porous and challenging to keep clean. Considering the family’s love for hot pot meals, marble was not a suitable option. The chosen table perfectly fit the space and offered ample central serving space. At the client’s request, we included a custom-made bench on one side and chairs surrounding the table to complement the overall aesthetic.

The standout feature in the dining room is the stunning bubble lighting installed above the table. Its transparent design adds volume without feeling overly heavy. The hint of brass in the lighting and the pebble-shaped mirror creates a cohesive theme across the three spaces, tying the light features together.

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Google Review:

“Highly recommended Tracey. We initially had her for the 2 hours face to face consultation for our newly bought 25yo property. The consultation was extremely helpful. Tracey’s advice on spatial planning was enlightening and she also gave me the confidence on making decisions for the paint colours, the flooring and the curtains and it dramatically improved the outlook of the place when we needed to have all these done urgently before we moved in. We subsequently had Tracey help procure furniture and lighting for our living room, dining room, and entrance. All the furniture is of great quality (one mirror was damaged and Tracey communicated with the supplier and resolved it immediately). It saved us lots of time and headaches at furniture shopping. We received lots of compliments for our new house.