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Full House,Forest Hill.

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The Location:

Interior Design in Forest Hill, Melbourne. 

The Brief:

My clients were between minds on whether or not they should sell their property or renovate their existing one. After a few unsuccessful property inspections, they decided to invest into their existing home, to increase its resale value in future. 

Besides needing a full fit out of furniture and decor for every room, there were some physical changes too. Wall colours and carpets were updated, a built-in robe was converted into a luxurious new whiskey bar, decorative light fittings were installed, the kitchen sink was updated and a custom sliding door was designed for the master bedroom to hide the WIR or Ensuite at one time. 

The Process:

Upon discovering that my client possessed a more extensive collection of rare whiskey than any whiskey bar in Melbourne, I realised that their unused landing space had the potential to serve as a purposeful area. The preexisting built-in closet was evidently an afterthought by the builder and served no practical function. Therefore, I seized the opportunity to transform the space into a sophisticated and alluring whiskey bar, where my client could showcase their collection with pride.

My clients had difficulty maintaining organisation in their open-concept master bedroom and walk-in wardrobe. To address this, I devised a practical solution in the form of a versatile batten door that could slide across the room, effectively concealing the walk-in wardrobe and even the bathroom while in use. This design also had the added benefit of creating the illusion of a wider wall behind the bed, accommodating a queen-sized bed and bedside tables comfortably. This was another example of the builder’s oversight, as they had not taken into account the necessary space for a queen-sized bed and bedside tables in the room.

We decided to enhance the comfort level of the house by replacing all the carpets with a thicker pile. Additionally, we modernised the outdated chrome kitchen sink with a white porcelain sink, complemented by a stylish brass tap to match the newly installed pendant light above. To create a more spacious living area, we switched the locations of the living and dining rooms. Outside, we revitalized the space with chic circular wall planters and contemporary furniture, while the guest room and office were completely updated too. 

Google Review:

“Tracey did an incredible job with her designs for our home in Forest Hill. We were pretty unsure at the start as to what we would want for our home, and needed someone to take us through the process, understanding our needs and wants at every turn. Tracey responded patiently to our many questions and never once made us feel like we were a bane or an ordeal. She also delivered splendid designs, which we absolutely adore. The custom bedroom door she miraculously conjured up from that active mind of hers left us in complete awe. We now look forward to going to bed every night, simply to spend the first few minutes marveling at her brainchild. Being a whiskey snob, and always wanting a whiskey bar at home (but failing miserably at pulling together a simple PowerPoint presentation, let alone a beautiful bar design), I entrusted Tracey with ideating and visualising my dream whiskey room. Not only did she succeed in delivering to my loosely concocted vision, she blew it completely out of the water. I now sit in my whiskey room, reveling in its grandiosity and intricate beauty, often times forgetting to have a drink in hand! We cannot recommend Tracey enough. She is a bonafide, true-blue, gun interior designer. And if you have an idea (I didn’t, I merely had a need for something different!), but don’t really know what to do with it or how to expand on it, pick up the phone and give Tracey a call. She will make your dreams come true, some of which you never knew you had until she shows it to you. Oh… and she also brings coffee to your first meeting. How good is that!