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Formal, Kitchen, Living, Dining, Rumpus and Master Bedroom Renovation, Glen Iris.

The Location:

Interior Design in Glen Iris, Melbourne. 

The Brief:

In March 2022, my clients initially approached me for assistance with a new lighting plan and a couple of furniture additions. However, after our initial meeting, the project rapidly evolved into a much larger endeavour. My clients became enthusiastic about the idea of creating a bespoke, custom-designed home for themselves and their two boys.

While a few existing pieces, such as the dining table, black leather sofa, a large teal-coloured artwork (featuring a girl), a sentimental wooden coffee table and the boys’ drum kit, were to be retained, all other furniture and decor were up for consideration. Their love for natural wood and black accents was carried throughout the entire home, maintaining a clear theme. You’ll notice fluted wood detailing happening throughout which provided a sense of consistency and flow from space to space. 

The Process:

The formal lounge, originally utilised as a study space for the boys, lacked visual appeal, especially since it was the first room visible upon entry. Due to the absence of a door leading to this space, we decided to convert it into a striking formal lounge. Custom-designed shelving was implemented to showcase memorabilia, using carefully placed lighting to establish a cosy ambiance upon entry. The introduction of a comfortable sofa and armchair aimed to create an inviting and social atmosphere.

The kitchen presented a challenge with an awkward, open space on the side. My clients had placed a dining table against the island to establish a casual dining area, but the arrangement felt awkward next to another table of the same height. To address this, I designed an extension that provided casual dining while enclosing the island to provide extra, much-needed storage within the kitchen. The new table design was executed to give the impression of seamlessly cutting into the island, ensuring it didn’t appear like an afterthought. The strip of wood along the island served as a crucial design element to make it look intentional.

The rumpus room was underutilised and lacked storage for the boys. Recognising an opportunity, I suggested merging the boys’ study with the rumpus room while still preserving space for their beloved drum set. The outcome was a well-organised, cohesive, and considerate space that catered to the needs of young teenagers, including provisions for their sleepovers with the addition of a sofabed.

Despite belonging to a lively and vibrant couple, the master bedroom lacked personality. They deserved a more sophisticated and relaxing retreat at the end of each busy day. To accommodate the late-night reading habits of one workaholic, a cosy reading chair with a night light was deemed essential. This was further enhanced by the bespoke work of a commissioned Aboriginal artist, highly respected by my client. The bed was custom-designed to fit the alcove perfectly from wall to wall. The low boy at the front of the bed was another custom-designed piece, addressing the need for storage after losing the tall boy (to a green baby).


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Google Review:

“We engaged Tracey to help us redecorate our entire house in Glen Iris. The project included replacing almost all of our worn out furniture with stylish and comfortable pieces that we are really enjoying. She has also selected lights that suit each room along with rugs, artwork and cushions. Tracey encouraged us to make some bold choices that we would never have made without her expertise.

Her Interior Decorating skills extend to designing a variety of custom cabinetry pieces, including shelving with lights, desks, kitchen cupboards and a very clever bench extension solution. She is great at sourcing and working closely with suppliers and craftsmen to ensure deliveries are made and custom pieces meet our (and her) standards. We love the (Aboriginal) artwork that she has helped us commission, something we still can’t believe that we were in the position to do.

Her organisational skills and attention to detail have kept us on track with our responsibilities within this process and with her help our home has been transformed in a way that would have taken us a decade to achieve without her assistance.

It has been a bunch of fun, largely due to Tracey’s enthusiastic, friendly and professional approach where nothing is too much trouble. She has worked so hard for us and has a great eye for style. She is an Interior Decorator who we can highly recommend.