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Interior Design Trends for 2021

interior design trends for 2021


For most of us, the comfort of home has always been an important aspect of our lives. However, since the global pandemic has erupted, we now prioritise life at home more so than ever before. It’s not just a place to rest, but where we work and play too. I’ve expanded on 6 interior design trends for 2021 that are easy to achieve and will hopefully inspire you to redecorate your cosy crib. Let’s get into it!


1.Interior design trends for 2021: The Buzz For Bouclé Fabric Continues…


interior design trends for 2021
Emerging early last year, the Bouclé fabric is still enjoying its time in the limelight and remains an interior design trends for 2021. This fuzzy and oh-so-endearing fabric makes for an easy and effortless way to instantly add texture and personality to any modern space. Bouclé fabric has a nubby appearance, almost like a worn-out jumper that is pilling. I know, why would you spend so much on new furniture that looks worn? Just like the old jumper you haven’t thrown out, there’s a comforting and soothing element that works extremely well in rooms you want to add a bit of warmth to.


Personally, I love using bouclé as an accent fabric to add a touch of texture, like this McMullin & Co Bed Head. This soft bed head would contrast beautifully against a hard wooden bed base. The fabric also pairs incredibly well with curvilinear shapes for a soft, rounded and relaxing atmosphere, which is why most bouclé furniture you see is quite organic and fluid in shape. If you want to add an interesting edge, try styling it with something that has clean, defined lines such as the pleated floor lamp pictured below.


Here’s a roundup of my fave bouclé furniture and accessories on the market:

1.Hugo Bow occasional chair, Globe West
2.Milou swivel chair, Coco Republic
3.Freud Boucle cream sofa, James Said
4.Seta 4 seater sofa, Brosa
5.Palla ball cushion. James Said
6.Memphis 3 seater sofa, Life Interiors


2.Earthy neutrals take over greys!

interior design trends for 2021


Have you ever walked into someone’s home and thought, “Wow, I could stay here forever. It feels so cosy and inviting”? Chances are, they have opted for a warm and neutral colour palette.


Thanks to Covid19, we’ve been spending more time than ever at home. We have been craving nature which has inspired us to transition our neutral colour palate over from cool greys to warm beige and browns. Naturally, we’d want our environment to exude a sense of calmness that feels like a soothing, restful escape. Lighter, natural, warm tones are superb at creating a cosy, tranquil and relaxing escape.


They also do a stellar job at bouncing natural light around the room to open up your space, giving the illusion of a bigger, brighter home. As much as I love a dark and moody interior, I am all for this brighter hype at the moment. How could you say no to a beautiful, neutral palette like this?


interior design trends for 2021


If you already are a lover of natural light tones, I would encourage you to jump on the bandwagon and start exploring other natural tones other than white. Think ivory, cream, beige, camel, and brown; a little muddier than your traditional white, but still subdued.


I suggest adding a touch of darker colours to balance out the light natural tones. For example, the marble coffee table, contrasting outline of the armchair, and splashes of black on the artwork pictured below add just the right amount of depth to the living room.


interior design trends for 2021


3.We’re Seeing More Multi-Functional Rooms


God knows, I’m not the only one tired of working in my pyjama bottoms (blouse on top and a full face of makeup of course), while eating a bowl of Cheerios during a Zoom meeting! That being said, the pandemic has created a whole new trend in multi-functional rooms. Our homes have become more than our sanctuary, they became our office, gym, school, yoga studio and much more. Kitchen islands and dining tables are being used as workstations, guest rooms are doubling up as home offices and outdoor sheds have converted into gyms. We have been getting creative in clever ways to use our rooms and save space.


Home office design to inspire


As we move towards the norm of working from home, home offices are now being considered more thoroughly. We are putting more effort into designing a space that inspires our working hours. Furniture companies have experienced rapid growth in office furniture, resulting in new bespoke designs. Trendy office chairs are becoming more supportive so that we can opt for attractive furniture with ergonomic benefits. Office desks are becoming more bespoke and stylised so that we can create more unique spaces.


Planning a multi-faceted space is much easier than you think. The trick is to pick furniture that serves multiple purposes – add a study desk to your spare bedroom, opt for a compact sofa bed instead of a spare bed, build in some cabinets to house some of your stationary, books and ornaments, or go for a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table to hide your exercise equipment in your living room/gym.


PS. A word of unsolicited advice, be mindful to draw a clear boundary between work and your personal life for your own sanity! Don’t eat at the same table you work at!


4.Minimal, Large-Scale Styling Items


Farmhouse modern design


As Coco Chanel once said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This definitely rings true in the design realm. For me, I like my space to reflect how I want to feel when I’m home – calm and relaxed. Nobody wants to come home after a long day of work and be greeted by a cluttered and cramped home.


This year, you can put the clutter away as we’re leaning towards a more minimal approach with a focus on large-scale styling. This means we’re putting all the attention on oversized accessories. Think big, clay vases, extra tall bedside lamps, oversized artwork and giant fruit bowls. The bigger the better! Studio McGee inspires me for achieving this trend.


What I love most about this trend is how versatile it is; minimalism works within any style. Be it Industrial, Hamptons, Modern, or Traditional, your place will be looking crisp, clean, and luxurious in no time. Try it out and see how you feel. Lose the bits and bobs, bring in larger hero pieces. Besides, the fewer things you have, the less time you spend cleaning, Win-win!


interior design trends for 2021


5.Organic Shaped Furniture & Accessories

There is an appealing and unique characteristic about organically shaped furniture and accessories. Their fluid curves, natural shapes, and unrefined textures beautifully mimic the ebb and flow of ocean waves, the shifting shapes of tidal sands, and the furrowed surfaces of natural rocks.


organic shaped armchair


If there’s one thing we can take away from 2020, it’s that we want to connect with nature more than ever. Can’t get to nature? Hell, let’s bring nature to us! As our father of evolution famously said, we gotta adapt to survive, am I right? All jokes aside, inviting the calming elements and hues of nature into your home through interior design is a sure-fire way to bring some nature into our comfy cocoon.


Other than the obvious fact that it looks absolutely stunning, organic shapes have a way of making your home feel like a fancy retreat – almost like a hotel suite off the coast of Portugal or Croatia. Experiment with statement furniture pieces like this en gold Arena Coffee Table or smaller accent pieces such as this Solomon Mirror from McMullin & Co.


Organic shaped coffee table

squiggle mirror


6. Interior design trends for 2021 : mixing antiques with modern.

Mixing vintage and modern interior design


Rejoice, vintage lovers! Remember that antique lamp your great grandmother left you but you hid it in the attic? It’s time to get it out and honour her, because vintage is one of the interior design trends for 2021!


The saying “out with the old, in with the new” is now, well, out. In a world where we are placing ethically sourced goods and sustainable production as a priority, vintage pieces are now more sought after than ever. They give your home a sense of history with a unique, one-of-a-kind personality.


Vintage mixed with modern interior design


So, how do you mix vintage and modern and strike a perfect and visually pleasing balance? Too little vintage accessories will make them stand out like a sore thumb, while too much can easily slide into nana territory. What you want to do is anchor the room with bigger pieces of modern-style furniture and then add layers of characters with your favourite vintage pieces. Remember to give your ornaments enough breathing space. Sometimes by taking away an object, you give strength to another.


What’s your favourite Interior design trends for 2021?

I’d be interested to hear which of the 6 interior design trends for 2021 you’re most drawn to. Are you inspired to try out any of them in your own home? Reach out and let me know what you think or check out some of my work HERE.

Thanks for reading! 


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