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texture wall art using filla

10 Interior Design trends to look out for in 2022

New year, new you…and a beautiful home following the latest interior design trends? I personally love new years as they give us an opportunity to start fresh and reassess the areas we need to change. A new year is a perfect excuse to decorate or revamp your home…especially after that shocking year we all experienced! This new year brings a sense of revival and rebirth as we emerge to grow and transform our homes into calming sanctuaries. 

Whether or not the pandemic ends this year, it’s a given that the latest Interior Design trends will continue to focus on wellness, nature and sustainability. Excited to know what they are? Well, let’s have a look at the 10 Interior Design trends to look out for in 2022!

Hanging whicker plates on wall

1. Focus on Nature

After two years of lockdowns, we are craving the outdoors now more than ever before. This year there will be a huge focus on bringing the outdoors in! This could be in the form of greenery, raw wood or natural finishes. 

While focusing on nature, it’s also crucial to allow maximum natural light indoors to induce positivity, motivation and general wellbeing. To do that, make sure you have hung your window treatment well above and wider than your windows! Learn more about curtain hanging in my blog HERE.

living room styling with green plants
Styling with plants

2. Incorporate 3D Art

This is one of the more popular Interior Design trends and you might have seen it already. But I am just loving it so much that I had to share it with you. Incorporating three-dimensional art or textured art is a great way to add a reserved sense of drama and depth to the walls of your home. If your space is feeling a little flat, this fluid art will instantly add the texture you’re missing. This might not be for the older generations… and by older I mean my mother. “Would you not add a little bit of colour Tracey, its looks unfinished?” When you have to explain a piece of art to a person, it’s just not for them. It’s quite subjective. 

You can try this art yourself if you are up for a creative challenge, or you can ask me to make you a custom piece. But be warned, I’m pretty much a big deal and the queue is pretty long! (yes I just tooted my own horn). To see how I made the pieces below, check out my instagram for the DIY reel!

White textured wall art
Custom art by yours truly
texture wall art using filla
Handing a custom piece over to my client

3. Mix vintage with modern pieces

I’d be very surprised to find out if any reader managed to dodge the hand-me-down-phase when moving into your first rental/home! It’s unavoidable if you have family in the same city.  You might talk about those pieces in disgust or embarrassment but what if I told you that they are going to be trending this year? Would you like them then?

Mixing a contemporary style with vintage pieces isn’t a new trend, but we are becoming more mindful in celebrating our antiques. Mass production was popular pre-covid but now, we are facing issues in the supply chain where a 6-8 month lead time is normal. With every global crisis, a new Interior Design trend is born, just like the Mid-Century modern style evolving out of WWll. 

I’d encourage you to keep your thought-provoking, vintage pieces as they will undeniably add a statement of style and create conversation amongst your guests! 

Antique art house, Barcelona.
Antique art house, Barcelona.
Vintage desk & ghost chair. Source: Pinterest.
Vintage desk & ghost chair. Source: Pinterest.

4. Travertine will be more popular than marble

Travertine is one of the biggest interior design trends for 2022 and it is easy to understand why. This limestone is naturally beautiful and can display more warmth and texture than marble. The cooler tones from marble are slowly phasing out as we aim to warm up our interiors, to create cozy cocoons for ourselves.
This warm, durable and sturdy material has been used for many years in construction, but it’s starting to take off in furniture and sculptural pieces too.

Travertine interior design trends
Travertine dining table by "En Gold"
Travertine dining table pillar legs
Dining table by "Harpers Project"

5. Brown tones as our neutrals

Do not let your mind wander to the mission brown era of the ’70s when you read this part.
Think more walnut browns, chocolate browns or caramels mixed in with a sea of whites or soft creams. These tones will undoubtedly be making the headlines in the interior design industry this year. And especially if you admire Japandi, Modern Farmhouse, and Contemporary design styles – these tones can beautifully pair with shades of grey and white to infuse a sense of warmth in the backdrop.
Now, I am not telling you to go paint your walls dark brown by any means, just incorporate the earthy tone into your furniture, decor, and accessories.
A great example to use here is the bathroom that divided the nation on The Block last year. Remember the bathroom by Tanya and Vito where they used brown tiles and a dark wooden vanity amongst the sea of white? Well, I bloody loved it! It was risky yet safe and very forward-thinking.

brown bathroom tiles with dark wood vanity
Tanya and Vito's bathroom
Brown tile bathroom design
The Block 2021

6. Sculptural and curved furniture

The curve obsession started last year, but it is starting to dominate now! A curved form exhibits a sense of security, safety, friendliness, and welcomeness which all adds to our desire to cocoon ourselves this year. Our brains naturally have an inclination towards these soft, curved edges. You may have seen “The Three Birds” adding curved ceilings to their projects which is one way to bring softness to your home, but not everybody has the budget to make architectural changes. Bring curves into your furniture, decor, rugs, and mirrors.

Moreover, these softer edges are a great match if you have little kiddies running around at home! 

curved bedhead and interior design trends
Mood board for my client who appreciated curved furniture.

7. Textured Venetian plaster on walls

Time to stop playing it safe with the flat white walls! Let’s get creative with our wall finishes! As we turn our focus to a more natural interior, we are becoming more and more interested in blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.
Venetian plaster is essentially limestone. It is strong and durable yet soft and earthy. It has been around for centuries, starting in Egypt and Greece. The textured finish adds instant depth and interest to a space and can be mixed in with your favourite paint colour too.
You can choose to use texture on all the walls, the ceiling, or pick an accent wall to play dominant and focal as the Block team did below.

interior design trends 2022 venetian plaster
Completed by "Melbourne Artisan"

8. Shades of Green

To continue on our mission to decorate earthy, warm, cosy cocoons this year, let’s focus on my favourite colour – Green. We all remember the recent Sage green days right? It was HOT and everywhere. Well, I’m happy to tell you it’s staying….kind of, it’s just getting a little muddier in tone.
From moss to olive, emerald, and avocado – these tones are bound to look soothing and extremely homely. You can paint all your walls, one wall, the ceiling or stick with smaller accents – whatever you’re comfortable with. But this year is the year to go bold and think outside the box. Add it to your kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanity, or tiles for a real talking point!

moss green kitchen with brass and marble
Kitchen by Rebecca Wakefield

9. Thoughtful Entertainment Spaces

This one is my prediction. It’s fair to say that we are feeling more comfortable at home since the pandemic. We prefer staying in with good company and a cheese platter over rubbing up against randoms in a loud restaurant who might have “the rona”. 

We want to host guests more than ever and to do this, we need a good looking and thoughtfully designed entertainment space. That might be outdoors if you have a lovely garden or inside near the heart of the home. Expect to see more bars going into homes, pizza ovens in gardens and great big folding doors that unite the indoors and the outdoors for maximum entertainment space. 

Small home bar under stairs
Build a small bar into an unused corner of your home! Pic credit: Reno guide.

10. DIY and up-cycling furniture

It seems like the pandemic has turned us all into skilled craftsmen (or should I say craftspeople). We had more time on our hands to be creative and do things that felt rewarding. Everyone was grabbing furniture from hard rubbish and turning it into their own treasure! There are people on Facebook marketplace now who have an actual business of up-cycling furniture, have you seen them? It’s amazing to see. 

The more we up-cycle, the less we waste which is far more friendly on our lovely little planet!  So grab yourself something sweet from someone’s hard rubbish, and give it an unexpected facelift in a bold colour! Turn it into a real feature that is truly yours. 

red filing cabinet
I found some trash...
Blue filing cabinet
so I updated it into my treasure!

So tell me, are you mesmerised by any of the interior design trends 2022 or are you doing any of these things already? If so, you’re a trend setter!  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Have a cracking 2022 everyone! 

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